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IT8700P+ High Speed Multi-channel DC Electronic Load
IT8700P+ series high-speed multi-channel DC electronic load is an upgraded version of the original IT8700P series with higher speed and higher precision. Its modules support master-slave paralleling connection for power extension. It's compatible with IT8700P mainframe, the new modules and old modules can work together. The IT8700P+ modules have faster dynamic response and can make the minimum rise time of current less than rising time of minimum current < 10 μs. In addition, the low internal resistance makes it suitable for low-voltage loading test. Faster loop speed can accurately control current without overshoot which improves test efficiency. Furthermore, it has three current ranges for higher accuracy and lower ripple. The voltage and current measurement speed of this series has been upgraded to 250kHz. It has built-in LAN, USB and RS232 interfaces, and supports SCPI protocol. Therefore, IT8700P+ is good for system integration and is suitable for R&D and production line testing of super capacitors, fuel cells, lithium ion batteries, high-speed AC-DC and DC-DC power supplies such as computer power supplies and communication power supplies.
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80 V
120 A
600 W
80 V
60 A
400 W
CH1/ CH2: 80 V
CH1/ CH2: 45 A
CH1/ CH2: 300 W
Expansion mainframe for 4 modules
Mainframe for 4 modules
RS232/USB/Ether Net
Mainframe for 2 modules
RS232/USB/Ether Net
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* The above specifications are subject to change without prior notice.
Product Features
 Three-stage current range, higher accuracy and lower ripple
 Supports master-slave parallel connection of 16-channel modules, flexibly extends power
 Faster dynamic response, minimum current rise time < 10 μs
 Ultra-low internal resistance, suitable for testing low-voltage capacitors, fuel cells, etc.
 Faster loop speed, precise control of current without overshoot
 The voltage and current measurement speed is upgraded to 250kHz, good for system integration
 Comprehensive protection functions: OVP/OCP/OPP/OTP, Sense protection
 Compatible with IT8700P mainframe, old and new modules can be matched
 Short-circuit peak current measurement function
 Available front/rear terminals*1
 8 operating modes: CC/ CV/ CR/ CW/ CV+CC/ CR+CC/ CW+CC/ CV+CR (CR-LED)
 Automatic test function to tell whether the test results exceed the set specifications
 Built-in LAN, USB, RS232 interfaces
 CV loop speed is adjustable to match different DUTs
 Multi channel synchronous control
*1 Current is no more than 15A if connecting with front terminals
Functions and Advantages

Flexible modules combination

The IT8700P+ series is designed with removable modules, so that you can choose different modules according to your needs. These modules can work with the original IT8700P series modules too. There are high-performance microprocessor chips in each load module and mainframe. Parallel architecture is adopted to achieve faster testing. The load modules are controlled synchronously by the system, and the power supply with multiple outputs can also be tested synchronously.

Fast dynamic response

Power supplies often have high requirements for instantaneous signals and dynamic response. In order to meet faster and faster testing requirements, IT8700P+ series provides high-speed, programmable dynamic sequence control. The current rise time is no more than 10 μs, much faster than the last generation. So it can be used for high-speed dynamic test of communication power supply and computer power supply. There are three modes of the dynamic test function, namely continuous mode, pulse mode and toggle mode.

Master-slave parallel connection

The IT8700P+ series supports master-slave parallel connection, 8 units (16 channels) at most can be connected in parallel, and the power can be extended to 4800W. Thanks to the flexible power extension , it can be used to test various DUTs and increase equipment utilization. The current sharing mode makes no sacrifice of the dynamic performance after parallel connection.

3 current ranges, well applied to Energy Star standard test for consumer electronics products

IT8700P+ provides 3 current ranges and higher measurement accuracy for DUTs that require high current accuracy like batteries. No need to build a complex test bench, the low current range of the IT8700P+ can be used for Energy Star standard testing in sleep, idle and standby modes of consumer electronics products. Actually it is suitable for almost all consumer electronics products that require precise current setting and measurement at the μA and mA levels.

Low voltage loading

The parameters can be set under each current range of the IT8700P+ modules. When operating in low and medium ranges, the minimum loading voltage is no more than 0.1V, while in the high current range, the minimum loading voltage at full current is no more than 0.5V. It achieves lower input impedance after parallel connection, which is good for the testing of fuel cells, super capacitors, DC-DC converters and other low-voltage, high-current electronic components.

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