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ITECH launches IT-M3100D dual channel dc power supply
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ITECH has launched IT-M3100D series, the firstdual-channel DC power supply in the M series. So far, M series has 11sub-product series, covering DC power supply, AC power supply, bi-directionalDC source, source and load system, regenerative DC load, high-precision DCsource and other product lines, giving users a very wide range of choices tomeet diverse testing demands.


IT-M3100D dual-channel programmable DC powersupply, only 1U half rack, provides fully isolated dual-channel output. Thefour models are: IT3131D (30V/15A/200W*2CH), IT3141D(30V/15A/400W*2CH), IT3132D(60V/10A/200W*2CH) and IT3142D (60V/10A/400W*2CH), make up for the market forultra-compact volume and wide range of output dual-channel DC power supplydemand.


IT-M3100D dual-channel programmable DCpower supply can expand the output power to 800W by series/parallel connection.The automatic wide-range design brings more combinations of voltages andcurrents, which means that one unit can cover a variety of testing requirement.,.While covering a wide range of application demands, it greatly reduces thecomplexity and save space.

The traditional multi-channel power supply isgenerally limited to the synchronization of theinternal channels of the machine, which can not meet the output consistencybetween multiple instruments. When users need more channels to test, they areoften helpless, and the test efficiency and results cannot be guaranteed. IT -M3100D dual channel programmable dc power broke through the bondage, adopts anindependent multi-channel design, which makes it easy to connect between thepower.


A 37U cabinet can include up to 40 units/80channels, which greatly increases the utilization rate of the equipment. Thereare three synchronization modes for you, On/Off, Track, Duplicate. You justneed to configure parameters on one power supply, and the parameters can beautomatically replicated or synced proportionally to other power supplies inthe loop. Multiple power supplies only need to send a command to control, fullymeet the needs of customization, with broad engineering practical value,suitable for R & D, design verification and automatic test system and otherapplications.

M series is the cutting-edge product launched byITECH in 2019, highlights are compact structure and high-power density. Theunique "Lego-style" design and rich communication interfaces, makingM series an excellent partner for system integration. Know more about IT-M3100Ddual channel programmable dc power supply, please visit ITECH website https://www.itechate.com.


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